Alumim Carrots

Kibbutz Alumim has been growing carrots for some 45 years. We export freshly harvested produce between January and July, while domestic marketing continues for a total of 10 months each year.

About Alumim

Founded in 1966, Kibbutz Alumim is an agricultural cooperative in Israel’s northwest Negev region, comprising of some 95 families. The Kibbutz is involved in a wide range of agricultural enterprises including field crops, orchards, dairy farming, broiler production and more…

Alumim Potatoes

Kibbutz Alumim has been growing potatoes for over 30 years.

Our experienced and professional team grows a range of different species during the autumn and spring seasons.

We grow species according to the client's specifications for export

Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practice), an international organization, sets standards for certification of agricultural products around the world. Alumim is one of four winners worldwide for 2013.