Kibbutz Alumim

Agriculture on Kibbutz Alumim

Founded in 1966, Kibbutz Alumim is an agricultural cooperative in Israel’s northwest Negev region, comprising of about 100 families. The Kibbutz is involved in a wide range of agricultural enterprises including field crops, orchards, dairy farming, broiler production and more.


We grow a range of crops with the principal focus on exports:

  • Carrots: conventional and organic
  • Potatoes: conventional and organic
  • Sweet potatoes: conventional and organic
  • Avocados – organic orchard
  • Citrus orchards

All crops are Global GAP certified and our on-site packing houses are BRC certified

For many years now, Kibbutz Alumim has exported agricultural produce, principally carrots and potatoes, to a range of destinations including Europe, Russia and the USA.


Kibbutz Alumim has been growing carrots for some 45 years. We export freshly harvested produce between January and July, while domestic marketing continues for a total of 10 months each year.

Our Global Gap certified carrots are sorted at two separate, BRC inspected packing houses (one for conventional crops and the other used solely for organically grown crops) and marketed in 1kg, 10kg, 18kg and 1,200kg bags


Potatoes are a two season crop sown in autumn and spring. We grow a wide range of varieties, each suited to a designated destination: Domestic, industrial and export markets, including a specialization in the export of baby potatoes. Baby potatoes are shipped in big bags with a full skin; some direct from the field and some after sorting at the packing house on site.

Sweet Potatoes:

This is a relative small scale organic crop comprising the Georgia Jet and Beauregard varieties, which are sorted at a specialist packing house off site and marketed for export in 6kg cartons between September and April.  


Our wholly organic avocado orchards comprise some 25 acres of well-established trees and 25 acres planted in 2010. This Global GAP and Agrior certified crop is sorted for export at a specialist packing house off site.   

Main varieties: Ettinger, Haas and Reed 


Kibbutz Alumim grows a total of some 250 acres of citrus fruits in two separate areas. We grow some 15 different types of Global GAP certified, very high quality fruit, proof of which is the 2012 national prize for growing excellence awarded to our citrus crops manager.  



Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practice), sets worldwide standards for certification of agricultural products.

Kibbutz Alumim won the Global GAP Award in 2013.