Alumim Sweet Potatoes

Fresh produce from Israel: Sweet Potatoes


Kibbutz Alumim exports high-quality, fresh sweet potatoes to Europe, the UK and Russia.


Export: September to May
Domestic market: All year


Kibbutz Alumim grows several varieties of sweet potatoes, such as Georgia Jet.


Packaging: 6-15 kg boxes or 400-500 kg Tri-Wall crates .


Marketing: 50% export, 50% domestic market.


Kibbutz Alumim grows both conventional and organic sweet potatoes.


Kibbutz Alumim’s field crops are Global GAP certified; packing houses are BRC Global Standard certified.

Kibbutz Alumim won the 2013 Global GAP Award.

Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practice), sets worldwide standards for certification of agricultural products.

Kibbutz Alumim won the Global GAP Award in 2013.