Alumim Mini-veg

Nature's Treats

"Nature's treats" – Individual plastic bags with a selection of fresh mini-vegetables.

Kibbutz Alumim provides you with a convenient, healthy snack option for you or for your children's lunchbox, as part of a meal or a tasty treat in between! It's natural, with no sugar or artificial sweeteners added– just a mouthwatering selection of fresh mini-vegetables, ready to go and enjoy anywhere.

We grow mini-cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and colourful sweet bite peppers in Kibbutz Alumim's hothouses.

Add to the mix baby carrots - fresh from our fields.

We harvest them straight to our mini-vegetables packing plant, there, our new, fully automated, cutting-edge sorting system sorts and combines the vegetables into small plastic bags without human contact.

Kibbutz Alumim exports Nature's Treats to Europe, the UK and Russia.

Export: all year
Domestic market: all year

Packaging: individual plastic bags weighing 60 gr to 400 gr according to the customer's specifications.

This product is approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health.


Sweet Bite Peppers


Fresh produce from Israel: Sweet Bite Peppers

Kibbutz Alumim exports high-quality, fresh sweet bite peppers to Europe, the UK and Russia.

Export: October to May
Domestic market: October to May

Packaging: Plastic bags weighing 60 gr to 500 gr according to the customer's specifications.

Export packaging:
By Air: 5 kg X 10 X 8 per pallet = 400 kg
By Sea: 5 kg X 10 X 11 per pallet = 550 kg

Marketing: 50% export, 50% domestic market.


Kibbutz Alumim’s field crops are Global GAP certified; packing houses are BRC Global Standard certified.

Kibbutz Alumim won the 2013 Global GAP Award.


Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practice), sets worldwide standards for certification of agricultural products.

Kibbutz Alumim won the Global GAP Award in 2013.