Potato packing house

The Alumim potato packing house is owned by Kibbutz Alumim, and located on Kibbutz Alumim. We specialize in sorting and packing potatoes for export. The packing house is fully certified to sort organic as well as conventional produce.

We provide the following services:

Sorting potatoes by size according to customer specifications (up to 5 sizes)

Packaging potatoes in regular and ventilated big bags – FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) (1350 kg) based on customer requirements.

Packing in mesh bags: 5 kg - 25 kg, and for the American market 5 lb - 50 lb.

Sorting seeds into big bags or pallet boxes according to customer requirements

Topping up big bags from field harvest to standard weight requirements

Containerization services - loading big bags into refrigeration containers.

We work according to the highest domestic and international industry specifications for quality and food safety while maintaining environmental standards.

All of Alumim's packing facilities are certified as conforming to BRC Global standards - which guarantee the standardisation of quality, safety and operational criteria, ensure that manufacturers fulfil their legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer.

Alumim packing house assumes responsibility for dealing with all produce from its arrival at the packing house until its delivery at the Israeli port with optimum professionalism and efficiency.


Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practice), sets worldwide standards for certification of agricultural products.

Kibbutz Alumim won the Global GAP Award in 2013.